Outbreaks of foodborne disease occurs when two or more of people who eat the same food get the same illness.

28 11, 2018

Eggs And Salmonella : How Safe Are Our Eggs?

Chicken eggs are probably the least well treated protein in the kitchen and food industry as a whole. It is the only protein that is commonly left out at ambient temperature in the retail stores. Salmonella is synonymous with chicken, eggs and Salmonella is one of the most common food poisoning bacteria throughout the world. So why are our eggs handled in this way?

31 10, 2018

Is Food Poisoning Intentional?

Most cases of food poisoning are not intentional, and usually happen as a result of negligence. This means that the kitchen didn't even know that they were doing something wrong, that would have caused the food poisoning. 

4 09, 2018

What We Can Learn From The Listeriosis Recall South Africa

4 March 2018 - Enterprise Foods, a national food manufacturer and distributor has been ordered by the South African government to start a product recall of all affected foods that have tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes ST6. This is the strain named as responsible for the current outbreak. Enterprise foods makes polony, viennas, sandwich hams, deli meats and others. These are notorious foods that support the growth of Listeriosis causing bacteria.

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