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28 11, 2018
  • Eggs And Salmonella

Eggs And Salmonella : How Safe Are Our Eggs?

2018-11-25T21:57:37+00:00Food Safety, Outbreaks|0 Comments

Chicken eggs are probably the least well treated protein in the kitchen and food industry as a whole. It is the only protein that is commonly left out at ambient temperature in the retail stores. Salmonella is synonymous with chicken, eggs and Salmonella is one of the most common food poisoning bacteria throughout the world. So why are our eggs handled in this way?

9 03, 2018
  • PolonyListerisois

Science Behind The Listeriosis Outbreak South Africa

2018-08-06T15:04:31+00:00Food Poisoning, News, Outbreaks|0 Comments

When a foodborne disease outbreak is detected, such as the Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa. Health officials and scientists work quickly to collect as much information as possible to find out what is causing it, so they can take action to prevent more people from all ill. The Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa included scientists from the NICD, Department of Health (DoH) and a few private laboratories.

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