The food safety pillars ebook was put together over the 10 years of working as a hygiene and food safety consultant for the hospitality and retail industry. Over the years, I have found that kitchens would implement complicated strategies for managing food safety such as Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), without ensuring that the basics were taking care of first.

This meant that the kitchens became so focused on record-keeping and documentation. That fail-safes implemented would consistently fail when measured against a basic hygiene system. These resulted in regular food poisoning complaints, which could not be resolved until the consultation process leading to the realisation that staff,  including chefs, had not been trained in basic food safety and hygiene. These had gone unnoticed due to the focus on higher level documentation processes being the main area of effort.

We found that there was a need to re-train staff on the basic level. So that the foundation for higher level systems could be solidified and rebuilt from the ground up.

The intention of this book is to help others build a solid foundation of basic hygiene and food safety. So that the higher-level systems do not fail them in the future.

It is easier to learn new habits than, unlearn old bad ones.

In the food safety pillars ebook you will learn how to implement each pillar:

  • Cleaning & sanitising
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Food Storage
  • Temperature Control
  • Food Handling
The food safety pillars

Cleaning and sanitising covers the areas of cleanliness, procedures related to clean as you go, cleaning of cutting boards as well as the deep cleaning of the kitchen.

Personal hygiene covers hand washing, arguably the most important factor in food safety, uniforms and general hygiene.

Food storage covers the safe storage of foods in the fridge/freezer, dry storage and FIFO principles.

Temperature control covers the how and whys of keeping foods at certain temperatures, the critical danger zone for foods and a temperature guide.

Food handling covers cross-contamination, cooling, defrosting and proper cooking of foods.

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