Science Behind The Listeriosis Outbreak South Africa

When a foodborne disease outbreak is detected, such as the Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa. Health officials and scientists work quickly to collect as much information as possible to find out what is causing it, so they can take action to prevent more people from all ill.
The Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa included scientists from the NICD, Department of Health (DoH) and a few private laboratories.

Listeriosis recall

Listeriosis Recall South Africa

4 March 2018 – Enterprise Foods, a national food manufacturer and distributor has been ordered by the South African government to start a product recall of all affected foods that have tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes ST6. This is the strain named as responsible for the current outbreak. Enterprise foods makes polony, viennas, sandwich hams, deli meats and others. These are notorious foods that support the growth of Listeriosis causing bacteria.

Hot dog stand listeriosis

Listeriosis OUTBREAK in South Africa

The Outbreak One of the biggest food safety news stories in South Africa, never has there been such a big news break than today (5 December 2017). There were 570 confirmed cases of Listeriosis, including 36 deaths thus far. Cases were confirmed in Gauteng, Western Cape and KZN. Further details have unfortunately not been forth …

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