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12 10, 2018
  • cardboard boxes bad for food safety

Why are cardboard boxes bad for food safety in the Kitchen?

2018-10-23T20:52:16+00:00Food Safety|0 Comments

Cardboard boxes as a rule are not safe for usage and for storage of foods in a kitchen. Here’s why:

9 05, 2018
  • Food storage in the fridge

Food Storage In The Fridge Could Be Your Biggest Risk In Food Safety

2018-05-25T11:31:21+00:00Food Safety|1 Comment

Food storage in the fridge is one of the most important principles in food safety. Perishable foods by its very nature does not last as long as we would like. This is why we need to keep foods in the fridge. To prolong the time it takes for food to go off.But keeping foods in the fridge is not just about the temperature and the cold chain. It is also about storing foods in a way that prevents contamination and food poisoning. One of the biggest problems in the kitchen fridge is storage space. The fridge is probably one of the most cramped spaces you'll find. Everything from ready to eat meals, raw meats and veg to dairy and sauces all need to be stored in a fridge to ensure that foods do not expire before the use by date.

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