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10 09, 2018
  • cleaning and sanitising

Why Is Cleaning And Sanitising So Important In The Kitchen?

2018-09-10T15:00:28+00:00Food Safety|3 Comments

This is the only proven method to remove dirt and kill bacteria. These steps need to be followed in the order set out, such that bacteria cannot hide behind dirt and grease, allowing a good contact time for the sanitiser to be effective. Areas such as tables, cutting boards, slicers and  blenders are all items that should have clean-as-you-go procedures in place.

5 02, 2018
  • risks in the bar hygiene

Hygiene Risks In The Bar

2018-09-17T12:39:16+00:00Food Safety|0 Comments

For many, the bar is a safe zone. Free from risks of bacterial contamination and general food safety. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Although limited and to a lesser degree than the kitchen. The bar does carry risks in the same way as the kitchen.

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