The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently announced that another brand of chicken nuggets was just recalled for salmonella contamination . The recall is on Crisp & Delicious chicken nuggets with a best before date of July 19, 2019.

These nuggets are the latest in a massive nationwide outbreak that has resulted in over 500 illnesses. 

The outbreak has been ongoing since May 2017, as a result of a newly developed method for testing of Salmonella bacteria in food products.

This latest product recall is the 15th investigation in the current outbreak.

outbreak investigation salmonella

It is also the first Salmonella outbreak of 2019 after the CFIA had previously reported on December 17th, 2018 that there were no active outbreak investigations.

The current outbreak seems to be the largest, so far there have been 54 reported cases relating to the chicken nuggets thus far.

There are currently 529 confirmed cases of Salmonella food poisoning across Canada, with cases in every single province and territory .

Salmonella Outbreak Investigations

The Salomella food poisoning outbreaks have led to 90 cases of hospitalisation and at least 1 of 3 related deaths.

Of the 529 people who have been infected with Salmonella, the majority of them come from Ontario where there have been 187 cases and Quebec where there have been 111 cases.

People of all ages and genders have been infected.

Who are most at risk of Salmonella poisoning?

listeria symptoms

Small children/ babies

Children and babies are at  risk of food poisoning which is usually due to  underdeveloped immune systems and a tendency to put anything in their mouths. Children like to explore their surroundings and will handle any object that is within their grasp. The risk with this is that they more than likely contain bacteria which then enter the child’s digestive system. Once there they thrive and infect this area which leads to illnesses such as food poisoning.

Pregnant moms

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, draining resources and nutrients which go to our unborn child. This drain lowers the immune system.

The elderly

Older people are at high risk of food poisoning, mainly due to the fact that their immune systems are less capable of dealing with illness and disease. Older people often suffer from a chronic disease which can increase the risk of food poisoning.

 Immunocompromised, especially HIV infections and cancer patients.

This means that the immune system is less able to fight off bacteria which cause disease and infection. Individuals in this category have the greatest risk of severe illness and death from food poisoning.

These individuals fall into what is known as the “high-risk” population. This is because each person in these categories do in one way or another have lower immune systems than the general population. This is mostly a natural occurrence, especially in cases of babies, which lend their immune system from their mothers in the first few days of life. 

In addition to this, remember that our internal flora is more unique than a fingerprint. This means that you could be uniquely susceptible to the risk of food poisoning more so than others, and it could simply be due to the different components of the bacteria in your gut.

What are the symptoms of Salmonellosis?

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  1. stomach cramps
  2. bloody stools
  3. diarrhoea
  4. muscle pains
  5. nausea
  6. vomiting
  7. dizziness
  8. fever

Salmonella causes diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever. Known as salmonellosis. The classic signs of food poisoning. They can develop within 12 hours up to 3 days and can even last up to 1 week. Most patients that are hospitalised are due to severe dehydration, because of the above symptoms.

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