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Personal Hygiene

There are additional areas of personal hygiene to consider, other than hand washing alone.

Personal hygiene

These include requirements that:

  1. Fingernails must be kept short and clean.
  2. Jewellery should be discouraged due to crevices where
  3. Dirt and food can collect.
  4. The correct safety uniforms are worn.
  5. Uniforms are clean and washed/changed daily
  6. Head covering is worn and covers all hair


 Even if you are bald, head covering must be worn to prevent sweat build-up.

A personal hygiene / grooming checklist should be implemented to ensure that all food handlers are checked at least once per week.

When it comes to record keeping it is essential to ensure that the dates are recorded, in this case, all staff should be checked with in one week, this is therefore a weekly checklist.

 How to create a staff hygiene / grooming checklist:

  • List all staff on the checklist
  • Include all areas to be checked as indicated above
  • Allow a column for corrective action
  • Always sign off the checklist

Keeping these records allows you to have a reference point to do a step-by-step check on personal hygiene requirements and a monitoring tool for staff. If we don’t use checklists, certain areas are forgotten or overlooked, which can create gaps in the food safety system.

Controls should also be put into place to ensure that the actual washing of uniforms is done correctly. Usually this means that the facility should take the responsibility of washing or should be appropriately outsourced.

Other health and safety requirements would also fall into this category, which falls outside the scope of this book, due to the various requirements in different countries. A health and safety professional should be contacted to address these concerns.

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