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How To Know if Food Poisoning is Intentional

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How To Know if Food Poisoning is Intentional. Food poisoning is defined as an illness caused by consuming food or drink that has been contaminated from either biological, chemical or physical sources. Here’s the deal. Most cases of food poisoning are not intentional, and usually happen as a result of negligence. This means that the kitchen didn’t even know that they were doing something wrong, that would have caused the food poisoning.

The reality is, that food poisoning is a very common occurrence. In 2018 alone, 47 Outbreaks of food poisoning have already been reported in the US. We know from our research that these happen, not with intention to cause harm, but by cutting corners, costs and staff. Working in pressured environments and not taking the few seconds to clean and sanitise.

Under cooked meals, poor storage and personal hygiene are the main contributors to food poisoning. It is the legal requirement that all staff working in a kitchen need to be trained in basic food hygiene and safety. How then is it that these problems still occur?

Well firstly, food safety training may be a legal requirement, but it is certainly not the norm. This ultimately means that those working in the kitchen may not even be aware that there is a problem.

The food safety industry is built on training chefs and food handlers on basic food safety, but perhaps its time to educate the consumer on food safety?

We know from many trend changes that the consumer drives the standards to improve, rather than within the industry. This is why websites like ours provide access to food safety information in a format that is easy to understand and is accessible to all. We also provide access to training material that in insanely inexpensive so that we can create the awareness around food safety, so that consumers can make better choices.

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