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About Hygiene Food Safety

Hygiene Food Safety formed out of several years of food safety consulting in the food industry. We focus on helping chefs, managers and staff by creating awareness, understanding and implementation of a hygiene and food safety system.

Our website  was inspired by the book author and course creator Adrian Carter. Adrian has shared his knowledge and unique approach to consulting on hygiene and food safety in the hospitality, retail and food service industry. The food industry is already exposed to food safety systems, yet there is still a lack of understanding of why such systems need to implementing.

Hygiene Food Safety helps the food industry by creating content using the food safety pillars and food microbiology. Training on hygiene and food safety cannot be effective, unless there is a concerted effort to create awareness around hygiene in the kitchen. An effective system cannot be implemented until understanding has taken place. Working in a team environment means all staff must be involved in maintaining the system. The kitchen cannot maintain this system, if staff do not know if something is wrong. Creating an open environment for training to take place is key to the process.

Our Mission at Hygiene Food Safety

Our mission is to help individuals learn about hygiene and food safety. And understand bacteria in the kitchen, so that they can build a solid foundation for a strong and sustainable hygiene food safety system.

Our Vision at Hygiene Food Safety

Our vision is to create hygiene food safety ambassadors throughout the food industry. Where awareness, understanding and implementation fall into place. Thus, creating an effective, efficient and sustainable food safety environment.

The Food Safety Pillars

Over the years we have become aware that the kitchen does not know or understand why hygiene and food safety is important.
The food safety pillars are the basic requirements of food safety. And it is our mission to allow others to become ambassadors in the food safety pillars.
We have created several resources that allow us to reach our vision and mission:

Online Training

We have two online training courses available that will allow you to become food safety ambassadors.

 How Does Bacteria Cause Food Poisoning?

Online Training on Udemy.com

Bacterial contamination is one of the major causes of food poisoning in the home and commercial kitchens. We need to understand what bacteria is, how bacteria grows and how bacteria affect our food. So that we can provide a safe environment where food can be enjoyed.

In this course you will learn :

  • How we define bacteria.
  • How bacteria affects our food.
  • What bacteria needs to survive.
  • What the most common food poisoning bacteria are.
  • How food gets contaminated.
  • How to prevent food poisoning from happening.
  • What the legal issues are around food poisoning.
  • What the food safety pillars are.


 How To Prevent Food Poisoning Using The Food Safety Pillars

How to Prevent Food Poisoning using The Food Safety Pillars

This course will introduce you to the principles of hygiene and food safety. You will learn how to develop the fundamental aspects of a food safety system. This can be done by ensuring that awareness, understanding and implementation take place in the correct order. So that a solid foundation for safe food can be built.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to clean and sanitise
  • The importance of hand washing and personal hygiene
  • How to store foods in a fridge safety as well as the correct way to keep dry foods.
  • The importance of temperature control in food safety
  • How to handle food in your kitchen by avoiding cross-contamination, defrosting, cooling and reheating of foods.
  • If food safety is not being monitored, there can be no management.
  • Finally this course will help you monitor important food safety areas so that you can manage your food safety with peace of mind.



 The Food Safety Pillars : An Introduction to Hygiene & Food Safety (Kindle Edition)




The Food Safety Pillars
The content of this book was put together over the 10 years of working as a hygiene and food safety consultant for the hospitality and retail industry.
Over the years I have found that kitchens would put into place complicated strategies for managing food safety. Such as Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), without ensuring that the basics were taking care of first.

This meant that the kitchens became so focused on record-keeping and documentation, that fail-safes implemented would fail when measured against a basic hygiene and food safety system.

These resulted in regular food poisoning complaints, which could not be resolved until the consultation process lead to the realisation that staff, including chefs had not been trained on a basic food safety and hygiene. These go unnoticed due to the focus on higher level documentation processes being the main area of effort
Thus, the need to re-train staff on the basic level, so that the foundation for higher level systems could be solidified and rebuilt from the ground upThe intention of this book, is to help others build a solid foundation of basic hygiene and food safety, so that the higher-level systems do not fail them in the future.


Food Safety for the Kitchen
Food Safety for the Kitchen
This book covers the basics on bacteria in the food environment. Concepts such as defining bacteria, how bacteria grow, and how to prevent the growth of bacteria are discussed.
This book also covers the most common food-poisoning bacteria, E.coli, S.aureus, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Clostridium species as well as Campylobacter. The Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa, the largest in recorded history, is covered in a bonus chapter.
Food poisoning, the how’s, why’s and when’s are also covered. This book explains how food gets contaminated and discusses the five pillars of food safety. These include, cleaning and sanitising, personal hygiene, food storage, temperature control and the handling of foods, which covers cooking, cooling and defrosting.

 Hygiene Food Safety Pillars Blog

We have created a free resource on our blog page covering content on understanding bacteria through to details on the food safety pillars. Check it out here!

YouTube Channel

We have created ‘how to’ training videos on cleaning & sanitising in the kitchen. Check it out here!


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