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Hygiene Food Safety formed out of several years of food safety consulting in the food industry. We focus on helping chefs, managers and staff by creating awareness, understanding and implementation of a hygiene and food safety system.

Our website  was inspired by the book author and course creator Adrian Carter. Adrian has shared his knowledge and unique approach to consulting on hygiene and food safety in the hospitality, retail and food service industry. The food industry is already exposed to food safety systems, yet there is still a lack of understanding of why such systems need to implementing.

Hygiene Food Safety helps the food industry by creating content using “the Food Safety Pillars” and food microbiology. Training on hygiene and food safety cannot be effective unless there is a concerted effort to create awareness around hygiene in the kitchen. An effective system cannot be implemented until understanding has taken place. Working in a team environment means all staff must be involved in maintaining the system. The kitchen cannot maintain this system if staff do not know if something is wrong. Creating an open environment for training to take place is key to the process.


We offer a variety of services to our clients:

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals learn about hygiene and food safety. Understand bacteria in the kitchen, so that they can build a solid foundation for a strong and sustainable hygiene food safety system.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create hygiene food safety ambassadors throughout the food industry. Where awareness, understanding and implementation fall into place. Thus, creating an effective, efficient and sustainable food safety environment.

The Food Safety Pillars

Over the years we have become aware that the kitchen does not know or understand why hygiene and food safety is important. The food safety pillars are the basic requirements of food safety. And it is our mission to allow others to become ambassadors in the food safety pillars.

Online Training

We have an online food safety training course available on Udemy that will allow you to become food safety ambassadors:

Food Safety for the Kitchen

We have an ebook or paperback on hygiene and food safety available on Amazon that will help you further understand the principles of food safety.


Marco Vieira

This course is a good and comprehensive way to introduce new kitchen staff to basic kitchen procedures for reduction and elimination of sources of food poisoning. It also serves as a good preparatory or refresher course for staff to use prior to undertaking more onerous training such as that for BRC7 and HACCP. How to Prevent Food Poisoning using The Food Safety Pillars


  • Valuable information
  • Clear explanations
  • Engaging delivery
  • Helpful practice activities
  • Accurate course description
  • Knowledgeable instructor

Jennifer Capitulo-Ramos

The course is informative and practical. I like the way the visual aids were presented. They were very helpful in learning. Overall it’s okay. I only have a few suggestions. I think it will be nicer if there’s an option for a caption. And also, you can add a small quiz at the end of the lesson. Overall, I love this course. Thanks.

Victor Barata

The pillars are put forth in actionable terms and just what a small business needs to build its foundation on good hygiene.

Amazon Customer 

A very useful book. It helped me understand food safety in an easy way that was practical.

Amazon Customer

Provides a good understanding of bacteria and combines this with food safety. A very useful book for those in charge of a kitchen.


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