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Why are Salmonella species very similar to those of E.coli?

Salmonella enteritis

Salmonella species are very similar to those of E.coli. In fact E.coli can be considered the big brother of Salmonella in that, these bacteria cause infection in the same ways, especially via the fecal-oral route. Salmonella is also thought to be one of the major causes of traveler’s diarrhoea.

E.coli is a lot hardier than Salmonella in that it is able to survive harsher conditions such as higher temperatures, lower moisture and higher salt contents.

In addition, food microbiologists say that if there is E.coli present you probably have Salmonella as well. But this does not mean that we shouldn’t be concerned about Salmonella, in fact Salmonella is most infamous for contamination of eggs rather than red meats and in the gut.

Chocolate has also been contaminated with Salmonella. In general we expect E.coli to be present in red meats, and Salmonella in chicken. However, E.coli is also present in chicken as well as fruits and vegetables. So focusing on eradicating E.coli will usually address Salmonella as well. Salmonellosis is likely one of the most common forms of food poisoning throughout the world.

Over the years more and more research has been done on several different types of bacteria that are different from E.coli and S.aureus that can also be considered as common food poisoning bacteria.

We will address three more bacteria because they are uniquely different in a few ways from E.coli and S.aureus




In the next post we will address three more bacteria, because they are uniquely different in a few ways from E.coli and S.aureus.  Knowing these bacteria as a whole, will help you understand the importance of the food safety pillars, and the need to maintain each pillar.


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